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The Salt n' Sweet of Autism - A Life Changed to Inspire

Circle of Unity (The Salt and the Sweet)

Autism is salt and sweet, like my favorite kettle corn, popcorn. And yes it's (Autism’s) pain I've tasted but oh, I commit to it's sweetness that seduces me to remain true, more to it’s sweetness and to its salt, I owe my lessons learned and made better for it. It's to this cause and my daughter, Aja, that I owe my loyalty. Never will I halt my quest to create a Circle of Unity for Autism. I know with God, the final battle will be won with love, Unity and positivity. So let me give of my time, my life’s lessons learned in servitude as I feel I am being guided, never will I leave those that have and will have confided. So to my new friends and older ones know I am true to the salt and the sweet of Autism, it is to this I am tried, true and ready to do what I can for the future of man and woman. So will you join me, in making a Circle of Unity because it’s not just for me it’s for the sweet and salt of Autism and the future of our children, so please walk with me. Walk with me, so we can create a Circle of Unity, Open to you and me and creating great friendships along the way. Come what may, we will find a cause, and if there’s a cure to be found, let us not forget, there’s a will there's a way.

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FORGIVE AND LOVE TO LIVE You know, while I have been on this journey of re-learning, so to speak, I have found that somehow, the answers that one seeks, come along as they may, at their own will, rather if i must say, at the Universe's will. The main lesson that I can write to you is that one must remember to be quiet enough to hear the answer when it does come. Either way, fighting and struggling to get the answers most often isn't the best way. Being still usually is. I am not saying give up but rather wait in a way that is known that you need answers, but step back and humbly seek them, with you passion kindling beneath the surface (so that you don't miss something either way). I guess I'm trying to say while being quiet, you can still be vigilant. The key is to stay calm while doing so. The answers you seek will come at the darnedest of times and it's especially true what they say, answers come when they are least expected, when you are in a state of clear minded focus, but not placing too much pressure on what it is you are seeking. During this period of yes, you may be filled with sheer plain human anxieties and stress-not wanting to wait, again be still. Most of the time, I have found, they come from those who really love and care for you. I just needed to take the time to listen, be still and figure out where to find the answers. This time, it was my daughter, again. I have been having the hardest trouble with figuring out how to approach I always seemed to come up with these grandiose ideas, even one with a trip to Las Vegas for ten winners! Crazy and too much. Like if I could, how would I have enough staff to handle such a venture! Where I used to work in the entertainment industry (for almost thirty years), the task would have been was easier - I don't work there or anywhere, anymore. That's another story. Funny, by being still, I'm also finding that my writing and creative talents are coming back, part of the of the dreams I had in childhood - one was to be a writer. Anyway, back to the subect at hand, I'm only one person, trying to figure out my message across or several messages (with me, ideas come in droves) but I really just needed less confusion and one basic message that would tell people that I'm on a journey but this one was about advocating for my daughter withing this journey for myself, rekindling my spirit as well. I believe the answers were there, already waiting on me but like I said, I wasn't being still and although my guide is walking in love, to a certain extent (and here comes the honesty), I was thinking that I could do everthing, quickly. I think it's just we'd been through so much as well, that I sometimes got confused as well as even angry at times remembering the things that we done to my family. It made me lose time. Time lost can energy gained to catch up and try to do what you can with the love inside and the skills and knowledge gained along the way. I knew I wanted things to change for others and I want people to learn from what my family had been through. I'll get into that later. For now, my view of autism and bullying, in a world filled with others that are fighting to do the get their messages across, I wanted to get a good message that was as sincere and honest as one could be. I wanted to encompass that yes, while I am seeking being true to me which I have learned it will make me a better me, I also wanted to be that mom, that activist and advocate (justice for all). I had been sending my ideas to various people and I hope they don't think I'm crazy, because I am (not) with all of the over-the-top, over-cooked and not well thought out ideas until one day I just said, I'm tired. In as much as I want to make sure my legacy is clear, I was exhausted. Finally, I had to breathe. I did and sure enough, the answer came running up the stairs one day in the form of this beautiful person, my daughter. Yes, a few weeks ago, my daughter comes running up the stairs saying, mom, I hope you are sitting down, if not, you need to. I was all excited to hear her news and it was big. She said, mom, I saw so and so, the girl who bullied me in the sixth grade. In my prior story, I spoke of the girl who bullied my daughter or who was the main bully in her sixth grade graduating year. She said, but guess what mom, the girl said my name isn't let's call her L., she said her name is Rebecca and this Rebecca person said she didn't bully Aja (my daughter) but that she was her couisin. Aja, who doesn't forget a face, especially not the girl who'd bullied her for an entire year and brought along most of the sixth grade with her while she did her reign of terrorizing, couldn't believe that it wasn't L, the bully. Aja told me she told Rebecca who we will find out a week later that she really was her bully(really L). about the story of how her life was made into a living daily nightmare. Well, "Rebecca" really the bully, listened to Aja's story intently and my daughter said that Rebecca went to all of her friends standing nearby and told them the story. Aja walked away but since she also has a pair of the most fantastic ears ever (I think she can hear as well as Rocket, our dog). Aja told of how scared she was inside, how she cried many nights and how she wished that she didn't have to go to school with her. She said thankfully, my mom took me out of school and I spent the entire rest of the semester with my mom at home. Anyway, Aja said she could of sworn it was her bully, L but she said oh well, I guess it was her cousin, and we both were tired so we went to sleep. However, in the back of my mind, I wanted to call her school, where this meeting took place. I also wondered what in the world my daughter's bully would be going to the same school as Aja. It slipped my mind and I guess that's the way the Universe wanted it. At the time, my daughter said she really hoped it was L. Her heart was beating so hard, she said but she also said, she wasn't scared this time. She said if it had been L,her bully, she would have been the same, passionate way. I told her don't worry honey, I'm right here and I hugged her and she said she was fine. I was going to call the school the next day, but like I said the all in due time... A week later, Aja comes bounding up the stairs again as if I were seeing a re-run of the week before. She makes me laugh when she does this because it's like my seventeen year old back in third grade. I can hear and literally feel the joy in her voice because she's trying to talk so fast and run at the same time that the words barely come out! I feel so much love (yeah, I know, it's a mom thing) - okay, moving right along here. This time though, she said she was much more animated, much more excited. I said Aja, what's going on and she proceeded to tell me that that the girl that she said was her bully, actually was! The girl who said she was Rebecca lied. The supposed "cousin" was really L, the bully! I almost choked on the soda I was drinking! Aja just believed her because her hair was changed and she hadn't seen her in years, aside being in her nightmares. At school that day, L, "cousin Rebecca" really her bully, L. asked to see Aja. She pulled her to the side and told her that she felt so bad, she said that what she did her was the stupidest thing she ever did. L began to cry and Aja couldn't think of anything to do but to reach out and hug her. It's very interesting this time because Aja was not the least bit scared. She had been, but not anymore. Perhpas my daughter's gained education, self-esteem and teaching about forgiveness and love at home had paid off. I inquired, "Aja, you didn't ask her why she picked on you?" She said no mom, I don't care anymore. Aja said, mom, I forgave her and told her okay, so now that this is finally over, can we be friends? Aja told me that L looked at her face and since she stopped crying, she thought that that question was appropriate. I cried because I knew that Aja was on her way to being healed and she is growing up when she said those words. I think my hand was shaking by the time she finished. I'm telling you, the tears were welling up in my eyes. I'm such a cry baby! You see, Aja, being autistic, is beginning to recognize the little nuances that say I get the social cues that are so hard sometimes for autistics to comprehend/understand as we say "neaurotypicals" do. Autistics have a harder time with things "emotions" like what to do next if someone is crying like her bully was and reading the expression on her face. And rather than just understanding, she is "feeling" the feelings that others feel. She said, mom, I felt bad for her but at the same time, I felt myself get all warm inside. I just felt like I needed to hug her. This was so huge! Aja had just turned seventeen this month as well. I'm ecstatic. Not a few months prior, her social worker said, she has the mind of an eight year old. I couldn't believe she said that! I knew she was wrong and so did everyone else. That social worker is no longer at the school anyway because the school requested her not to be there, I found out later. There's a back story to this, I'll explain later. We need better social workers and I knew that Aja was way ahead of what that comment said of her. Guess that's one reason why she no longer works at the school. They felt the same way. Not only has Aja made one friend, she'd made two and also felt and could articulate feelings, not just acting things out. Yes, she felt awkward, but she also knew instinctively what to do. This tells me that my Aja is not only growing up but my one on one teaching is paying off. Aja made a friend the during the first week of February, during her birthday month and then she forgave an enemy, and made a new friend as well. I am in awe of her! I learned so many lessons these past few weeks. First, that spending the time with my daughter has paid off in ways that only a mother with a daughter who has autism or another "doability" could understand. She has begun to see and "feel" things although I knew she could always feel things, she couldn't articulate them. She can now. She can also "see" what feelings mean to others, which is a difficult nuance of social behaviour for an autistic person to act out and/or speak of. After seven years of my daughter always speakingg of "being scared" to see her bully if she ever saw her, she wasn't. Aja also said she said she never wanted to see L in her life again. However, I taught my daughter what forgiveness means as well as what a 'gut' feeling feels like. Actually, I believe she has seen me forgive so many times and then talk about it, that she is grasping it. One can not teach a child without actually doing that action or seeing the action take place, so imagine how hard it must be for a person that has autism to grasp "feelings". Another lesson, actions speak volumes louder than words! I also talk about love because I tell her daily that I love her. I do not forget. I believe that day that the day that she spoke to her bully, both love and forgiveness were present. Needless to say, I'm grateful that she is growing up and that I am not as afraid to leave her an aisle away in the grocery store. I'm not scared to leave a couple of aisles because it's clear to me that she has listened to what I have always taught her. She's almost eighteen. College is around the corner! When she's away from me, I tell her to listen to what her gut tells her. I told her her heart is her gut. If the feelings she feels are not good for someone, walk away. Or keep her distance. If she can't "read" them, be cautious. If she gets a good feeling, still be cautious but cautiously optimistic and watchful. If it's clear cut danger, like the time we were over a friends home having Thanksgiving Dinner and a man walked in and immediately the hairs on the back of my neck rose. As quickly as I felt those feelings, apparently so did Aja. She came quickly to me (this was around age twelve) and said to me, mom, I felt as if that man was going to eat me (meaning hurt her - back then her speech was much more animated, she spoke to me many times in terms of how animals would if they could speak to their children). It's clear that the things that she is being taught is paying off and it was then, too. I am grateful to life lessons teaching me the things I've learned. Hard earned but not unrewarded. Being a single parent, being alone a lot has taught me to be self reliant and not always being able to pick up the phone and call a friend. So, I call upon my higher power. It has paid off in more ways than one. Always listen to that still place in your heart, it doesn't matter what you're doing. So, I hope this helps you. I know this helped me. My head is now not in the clouds. My dreams are, though. I will always be a dreamer. A thinker. A creator. I'm made in the likeness of all that surrounds me. I'm like you and you are like me. We are human and are capable to so much. And so by my daughter forgiving her bully, I am not directed to say that bullying can only be fully cured by love. It's how you forgive yourself for being angry at the bully and the bully being angry at you! The earlier you do this, the earlier the bully can possibly go on and be a cooperative member of society. I wonder how long that Aja's bully felt shameful. Guilty. That time could have been saved had perhaps me or someone else come along earlier and said, hey, are you okay? I recall that I did try that once (I asked the father could I speak to his daughter and he did give me permission, however, when I said that in a meeting, he siad he didn't give me that permission). I grew up with the father of the daughter that bullied my Aja Face). Anyway, that's over now. We are on our way to being healed and I have my answer on how to to move forward in my journey to keep my promises. And by the way, now I know what and tweet4autism's message will be. It will begin with trying to educate others on the power of forgiveness. This message will be my platform when it comes to this particular cause. I know my direction now. Yes, perhaps you can teach your bully about love. Before it gets to far, talk to your parents (if your are someone younger reading this) but parents and caregivers, try to forgive your child's bully. And the parent and others who are against against you (in my case, they really were). Ask them to see about helping the person that is doing the bullying. Seek out ally's to intevene who this child is doing this to in order to be able to intervene sooner. Be observant, but still. If you are person being bullied, you have to reach out to someone to help you. I know it's scary. But be strong and the Universe will help you do the rest. You can't do anything alone, really. Well, anything that that hs to do with a bully. You need help. We as a community needs to help the bully so we can help to hydrate their souls to become and be who they wish to be and not be hampered by evilness and having poor self-esteem because they feel if they don't go along with the other bullies, they will be bullied. One is strong if they can stand against the tide and hold firm without the weight of the water knockign them down. However, you need the power of love and the help of others to make this possible. It could be that the bully is hurting worse than the one he or she is hurting. I want our message to be about loving thy neighbor. Of course, if you see that the bully is beyond help, that's a different story (like the one who tried to assault my daughter by smothering her in the second grade). But, if there is one you see that can be helped, perhaps it's up to the parents and their children to surround that bully with love (as well as the teachers and other people that are supposed to help "love the hate" out of the bully. That's our message. That's Ginaration's message. It always has been and now, it's morphed itself to my daughter. Do you think it's possible that it will morph to others as well? I'm counting on it. And remember, the bully could be the parents. Where do you think the bully could be learning their behaviour? It could just be possible it's the from their home. It's quite possible because the parents bullied me of the child who bullied Aja. Sad but true. The major lesson in all of this is that like I said, I learned even more so to remember to be still and remember that love is my guide, always. I want my message to be clear, I also want others to know how I arrived there. Now I know that my message will be to forgive to live. It's in the forgiving of others, that we let go and learn to live. We let go of the anger, the fear, of everything that holds us back from realizing our dreams. one of my dreams is to change the world of autism, for others to begin to see them for the true beautiful beings that they are. The wonderful gifts they have to give, just like everyone else. We live in this world with a big, beautiful planet and there's room in it for lots of people! There's enough room for many people to live on this planet with us, together, in peace. If we want to call them different, we should look at ourselves. We all have differences, it doesn't mean that we can't give to society. You know, the bully and the autistic can kind of be the same. People look at them as being a certain way, both of them. But if you uncover what is really lurking underneath, you just may uncover that the person needs love just like we all do. And by giving that back to them, it may just change their world. That is what tweet4autism is all about. We want to get the message out to forgive the bully. Look at the autistic with eyes of love. You may be surprised what you may see. I personally, have seen so much love in one child, that things will never be the same (for the better). If she's different, so what. It's okay. She gives me more love than anyone else ever has and it's unconditional. You'd be blessed to uncover the same in another person. Perhaps you'd find that in a bully. Also, the parent of the bully should start to really listen and begin to listen to their child. I think they need an extra dose or doses of love. A person who loves you regardless of the bad or good is just what they may need. So come on in my life as it's never without some drama. Learn with me, grow with me, trust in me. Keep reading and you will see me. And how I want to fulfill a lifetime's worth of dreams that I thought we long forgotten. SponsoredTweets referral badge



Tuesday, March 08, 2011


                                    THE  LOST, LONELY AND THE BULLY

I know, this may sound totally corny to some of you, however, after I wrote the blog about how my daughter forgave her bully a last week.  It has been so different for me and for my daughter, son and mom (my support system).  It's almost like forgiveness on everything has hit our household like a wonderful wave of warmth and it has been very contagious.  We find ourselves not blaming for the little things that go on in our day.  Or saying, hey this is ridiculous, arguing over who left the glass out on the sink or who drank the last of the juice in the fridge.  Please, some people don't have any drinks in their refrigerator, nor do they have a fridge for that matter.

We hope you know by now, my website, was having a rough start.  I'd tried all sorts of things and while I have been a very excited, motivated and love driven advocate for autism and the plight of those that are bullied (due to my daughter being bullied her entire childhood), there was a valuable lesson I learned along the way. 

In my excitedness to do something for autism, I kept missing the mark. I kept missing what it was that I was meant to be doing although I have tweeted some great tweets!  However, in the beginning I promised to always remember to keep the message of love in my mind and in the minds of others, in other words, to always be guided by God and karma, not to become too competitive.  I wanted badly to keep my promise to myself and others, by remaining true to myself, the autism cause, God and all those whom I love along with my friends I meet along the way who feel the same and believe in the same things.  Shortly after having angst due to being confused and thinking to"far outside the box", if there is such a thing.  Evenually, the Universe brought me the answer.  Though I had to be still for a spell, which is quite hard when you are struggling as a single parent - I guess what I'm trying to say is that one must remain true to your cause.  My grandiose thinking wasted my time and the time of others (lol, Holly R. Peete, with all of my proposals).  Say, hey, how would you like to win a trip to Vegas with lots o others to join you, including thousands across the country, etc.  I lost my way and I'm sure others were confused by it.  This may have worked when I worked in the music industry and had some staff to help me but not now that I'm not working.   And the Universe will not give you more than you can handle; push too hard and it''ll push back harder. leaving you exhausted and confused, which is exactly what happened to me.   It did by not being able to sleep and thinking I could do everythng.  Not!  And then one day I just said no more Twitter, Facebook, nothing for a moment.  I neeeded to relax.  I needed to listen to what the Universe and those who love me had to say.  My answer came bounding up the stairs in the form of my daughter the day she forgave her main bully.  Please be so kind to find out what I mean in my previous blog from last week, 'Forgive to Live".  Eureka!  No more sleepless nights and trying to ponder what I was doing wrong. 

By Aja simply reaching out and hugging her bully, which is hard for autistics to do, I knew that not only was healing beginning after the seven years mentioned in my earlier blog but my answer as to what our message would be came to me.  Yes, it's always about raising awareness but, I needed a closure point so that peope could grasp my message of hope.  And as you read, that healing is  beginning.  And now, my message is clear, to forgive is so huge.  To forgive your bully, to forgive others in life, it can be the beginning of a "life infusion", so to speak.  From this, I gathered that by Loving the Hurt or Hate and rage out of the bully and join #teamloveemup, perhaps we can start to heal others.  Instead of turning our backs by spewing back the same hurt that was dealt to you, or turning your backs and giving up (like I did by moving and running away, which isn't me at all), turn around and speak words of kindness and better yet, our actions speak louder than anything.  Acting in love is better than acting out hate.  We are doing the same thing that the bully expects, getting angrier by the second for someone not turning around and giving them a big hug.  Instead, we turn our backs or we don't push hard enough for the bully to change. 

You see, somewhere along the line, someone or something was more than likely done to the bully or person that is hurtng, that is making them need this attention.  I say, let's begin by loving the hurt or hate of of the bully or the person that is makng all the fuss and ruckus.    Those that are depressed, something I have suffered with my entire life.  Right now, this is about others.  My story will come in time.  Just know I have a lot of first had experience in being hurt, so I know the thinking behind the rage.  Some people hide theirs, very well.  For no one to seel
Anyway and more importantly, folks are hurting!   And especially now, everyone needs love.  Those going through divorce, those losing their homes, loved ones and having issues and diseas.  Oh, there's just so much that although my cause is autism, in my journey to change the world, I know that I can't just stick to that. Please, if you are hurting, send me an e-mail if you want to talk.  Visit our website or my blog and I will be putting up inspirational poems and videos for others to listen and look at.  Yes, while I am connected to autism, I am also connected to others who need love.  Love Thy Neighbor, like I've written before, it covers all of them in one commandment!  Man, if we'd just use the KIIS theory (keep it simple stupid), we'd feel so much better.  I just have the problem of remembering to use it (stupid me, lol)!

You know the tragedy of all of this is that people don't feel comfortable to tell us that they are hurting.  That's why there are the Facebook's and Twitter's (no knocking) that are so lucrative.  Yes, while it's great to show that the happy parts of people's lives,  those very people who are telling us all is hunky dory, are cryng in their pllow at night!  Our society shuns those that hurt and it's very sad.  So, I am partly here to not be the so popular one and show through our talents of writing, singing, and all that God has given me, that I can be okay.  And by doing this, perhaps those that are the bullies, will come out a little bit more and tell us what makes them hurt. There are so many that need love, especially the bully and those that are hurting.  They don't know how to communicate that to us.  They perhaps have been bullied themselves or shouting and arguing is all they know.  Hate is all they have seen.  They live in world full of hate, no hope - we need that love that the bully has to give, it's in there somewhere.   So, why not instead of giving the bully a dose of his or her own medicine by giving them the cold shoulder, turning our backs on them, shutting them out, etc., why can't we put that energy  into showng them love or at least letting them know how that it hurts that they bully you. I know there are a few bullies that are beyond repair but I venture to say that more often than not, the bully can be cured by the power of love.  And the earlier, the better so that all of that great energy that the young person has to give and the gifts they have to show us, can be used to love the world and not hate it nd better yet, give back to it..  A few suggestions are listed below.


1)  Get together with others that you know and are friends with you to write
     the bully a note telling them how much you hurt.  Tell them what makes
     you hurt when they do what they do.  Tell them exactly how you feel
     without hurting their feelings.  My daughter was torchered by her bully.
     Let's not let it get to that point. Heck, I was torchered by the family of the
     bully.  What I should have done, is turned around "loved the hurt" out of
     them but I couldn't see that back then.

2) Parents, get involved by helping  your child to forgive.  While forgiving
     though, go to the principal and powers that be to have a meeting.   
     Insteadof a meeting whereby there is blame, pain in the room, let it be
     filled with words of support and love, surrounding the child in love.  
     Teachers, try to make the parents of the bully feel at home because we \ 
     don't know what they are going through at home.  I bet there is so
     much hurt and pain not only in school, but  in church, or your
     community.  Please don't use the "God complex" attitude that some 
     teachers and administrators have.  Be sure, parents to also protect 
     your bully from those that want to "report" any issue to Child 
     Protective Services.   Ask that a tape recorder be brought into the room if
     you think it's going to be hostile.  Please, try to keep the atmosphere open
     and inviting.  Unfortunately, there are some bullies that are beyond this
     type of help, like when they bite, hit, scream - I had to have a police officer
     in a meeting to warn the parents of my child that they needed to control
     their child.  He had spit, kicked, bitten and hit his teacher prior to him
      tryng to smother Aja.  I didn't know that until a few days before our
     meeting.  Unfortunately, he brought a knife to school at the urging of his
     dad.  Very sad that he would no longer be able to attend school in that
     school district after that.  I could have tried to spend more time with the
     parents however, it was rumored they weren't the cooperative type. 
3) Do a lost, lonely or bully intervention -  Get together just like you would
     if the person was an alcoholic.  Tell them what's good about them.  I don't
     suggest saying what's bad, however do let them know that they are hurting
     others.  If possible, all people affeted by the person who is lost, lonely or
     bullied should be involved in this "teamloveemup" intervention.

4) Do like my daughter did.  Tell your bully in front of others, how you feel.
     Say, hey that's isn't right.  Would you like it if someone bigger than you
     tripped you?  I don't suggest this unless a grown up is around.

 5) Tell an educator that you would like to talk to your bully.  You would like
     to even put a plan in place where the teacher or caregiver is nearby when
     the confronting will begin, that way eveerone is protected.  In no way am I
     suggesting to confront your bully in an angry way.  That does nothing but
     bring on more anger.  It should always be done in a controlled atmosphere
     if possible.

6)  I also say that one should perhaps take a class to learn how to empower
      themselves.  It does wonders for one's self esteem.  The martial arts is 
      a good place to start.  I only suggest this because no one should ever be
      caught off guard and not know how to defend themselves in a sitution 
      that it is necessary for one's survival.  I don't condone violence but I do
      condone self-preservation.  These days there are other types of bullies
      that both children and adults must be wary of  (burglars, pedophiles, 
      sexual offenders)...   
7) Educating others is key.  It is my belief that we should have
     "teamloveemup's" at schools, churches, everywhere!  If our shools knew
      that there was a group of people that it was okay be good, then I believe
      we'd have better schools and better children.  Promote good, let's stop
      promoting the Charlies Sheen's of the world, although he's very lost and if   
      someone doesn't get to Charlie fast, he will not be with us much longer.  In
      my best guestimation (and since I have predicted a few things that have
      come to pass like my brothers death, several earthquakes - it's a gift).   By
      educating the bully and letting them know that there is another way, then
      perhaps we can begin to hydrate the souls of those that are hurting, not  
      just the bully.  Loving others is a great educator.  Life doesn't have to be
      about a reality but not really reality show!  We have enough drama, right?

 If you would like more suggestions on how you could become part of "Team
loveemup", let me know by sending me an e-mail at  I would like to start a newsletter.

We would love it if you would help our cause by purchasing a t-shirt to keep
tweet4autism going and raising awareness for autism. 

Thank you.

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